What Is Cam Girl Advice?

Welcome to CamGirlAdvice.com, we are made up of a group of veteran camgirls that have been in the industry for many years, which has lead us to experience a lot and gather plenty of information regarding the industry.

Getting started as a cam girl can be daunting and if you are completely new to the adult industry then there will be a lot to take in which could put you off from ever starting your journey as a webcam girl.

We decided that we are going to put all the information and advice that we have gathered over the years into one place, so that beginners and long time cam models can read and get the help that they are looking for.

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Start Here As A Cam Girl

If you are brand new to the industry and just looking for a little help and advice to get started on your successful journey, then we recommend you check out a few of our important articles that we have created.

We go into depth on the very basics on what is needed to get started for you to begin broadcasting from you webcam, to advice and information to the veteran famous cam stars out there.

Below is a list of the articles that we recommend you start with to get a better grasp of the industry:

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Making Money As A Cam Girl

If you are on this site, the chances are you are looking to get started as a webcam model to make some extra money or pursuit it as a full time job.

We have put together a list of various methods to make money from your cam, its not just a case of getting naked while you are live that will make you money, there are plenty of other avenues to explore to maximise your profit.

You can check out this article to learn more about making money camming.

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What Type of Cam Girl You Can Be

So after you have decided that you want to start out as a cam girl, the next challenge is figuring out which type of show you want to supply for your viewers.

We understand there are many different types of cam girls out there including dominatrix, teens, couples, sex toys, subs, and girls that perform anal shows, yet you can only choose one per show.

Dont worry, we are going to break down each one of them to help you understand and make the right choice.

Headless Cam Show (Not Showing Your Face)

Headless cam girls are for the ones that will hide their face from the camera to conceal their identities for one reason or another. They will offer chat sessions and even perform incredible fetish cam shows but the client will never see their face.

Obviously most paying customers want to see the face of the girl they are wanting a cam show from, but do not let this put you off, because a lot of guys also like to leave what you look like to their imagination.

If you want to make money camming, but you do mind being judged, this is for. As a headless cam girl, no one will see your face and recognise you, but the money will be trickling in as usual anyway.

For Your Eyes Only

Are you a reserved girl who finds engaging with strangers a tall order? If yes, you do not have to force yourself into chatting with men just to please them and earn a few dollars from them.

You can be a ‘For Your Eyes Only’ cam girl. As one, all you have to do is play with your self and perform other types of cam shows without saying anything to those who are watching you.

Of course, these won’t be free cam shows as money will electronically be deducted from their bank accounts in real-time, depending on your rates.


Dominatrix girls take the dominant role in BDSM activities to satiate men with a servitude fetish.

Their domination can be verbal or involving humiliating sexual acts.

If you possess the sexual skills and naughtiness to make a man submissive and long to serve at your feet, you can make a great DOM cam girl.Dominatrix Cam Show


Being a sub cam girl can be rewarding, especially if submission is your fetish. You can offer erotic shows with a submissive role.

This entails entrusting your body to clients and offering it all to them without holding back a bit.

Do you have no problem obeying every single sexual command and performing any sexual act requested by the client? If yes, this is definitely for you.

Teen Show

Are you below 20 years but have reached the age of consent? If yes, you qualify to be a teen cam girl.

This type of cam girls is in extremely high demand on cam model websites. The majority of clients on these sites are people aged 40 years and above who are dealing with a mid-life crisis.

They have a sexual desire for teenage girls apparently because of the notion that younger girls can satisfy their fetishes better than women of the right age.Plus, dealing with teens makes them feel confident, attractive and younger once more.

Couple Shows

We have gone into detail and gave some professional tips on how to start couple cams, but basically this category will suit you if you are a lesbian or bi-sex and thus open to performing erotic shows with a fellow girl.

Vouyers or individuals who get sexual pleasure by watching erotic private shows by nasty female duos will be your primary clients though.

Sex Toy Play

If you have a powerful sexual urge and would not mind satiating it by allowing yourself to be used as a sexual plaything, this category is definitely for you.

Sex toys are very similar to submissive cam girls and one can substitute for the other.

Anal Cum Girls

You can be an anal cum girl if you enjoy anal sex or both anal and vaginal sex. Avoid this category, however, if you mind anal sex or have never tried it before because your clients will expect nothing less than an anal sexual performance.

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