Indiebill Review For Selling Content

Like many girls in the adult industry, especially those that are in the cam business, they have a lot more to offer than just live shows, and want to maximise their profits as much as possible.

Most of the girls sell custom clips, premium snapchats and even various pieces of clothing, but when doing this, there is a need for a “middle man” to take care of all the payments, refunds and chargebacks. Thats where Indiebill comes into play.

We have used many adult content networks to sell our various services and media, but when we found Indiebill we never had to look for another network again.

Not only is this network used by amateur camgirls but it is also used by a lot of famous pornstars that have been in the adult entertainment industry for many years, this is due to the ease of use and with everything being taken care of by the Indiebill team, it gives you more free time to work on other things.

So, What Is Indiebill?

Indiebill is a network which allows models from the adult industry and independent cam girls to sell their content and other services, they act as a middle man that takes care of all the payment tasks so you do not have to.

They take 3% of all sales which is considerably lower than all the other networks that we have come across.

The only issue that we have with Indiebill is that they do not do much to drive traffic to your products, you have to personally promote them yourself.

Camgirls review indiebill

Which Kind of Features and Services Can I Sell On Indiebill?

There is many types of different content that you may choose to sell such as pictures, videos, skype shows, snapchat and you can even have your own tribute page where loyal fans can donate, here are the most popular services that models sell via indiebill

Premium Snapchat – The Snapchat app has been around for a few years now and has been a big hit amongst the adult industry and the porn enthusiasts.

A lot of models offer a premium version of Snapchat, where a user will buy the username and on that account the model will perform various sexual acts and interact with her followers.

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Custom Videos РCustom videos are a great way to make extra revenue for your service, and once you build up a large fan base, you could get to the stage where you are creating custom videos every day.

Specially made content for your fans can vary in terms of what they want you to do, and you decide how much you will charge for that clip, remember that you control how much you are worth, not your fans.

Check out our article on custom videos

Skype Shows РThis is another nice little earner when it comes to being a cam girl. Maybe it is your day off from streaming, or you have not had the time to give a lengthy show, you can make it so customers can still book you for a one on one private Skype show.

Obviously the only thing you need for this is a webcam, Skype username and how much you will be charging per minute or a set price for a custom show.

If you are willing, you can also sell nudes online to fans and followers.

Why Use A Middle Man?

most models use a network as a middle man for payment processing because it’s much easier for them to take care of the legal side of things, such as chargebacks and refunds.

If you accept PayPal for example, they do not allow adult and all it takes is a couple of charge backs or someone to report you and they could possibly ban your account, so its really not worth it.

It is best to pay Indiebill 3% of a sale than risk your PayPal account.

Not only do they take care of the payment, but they also take care of your content, once a user has paid for a specific service or product from your profile, they will automatically have it sent to them safely and securely via indiebill.

login screen for indiebill

Customer Support

After using Indiebill for over a year, we have had to contact customer support a handful of times, each time they have responded fast and effectively, putting out concerns to rest with extremely helpful answers.

You can easily reach out to their support via the website chat, or via email. When it is not the weekends or a holiday they normally reply within the hour.

Site Features and Usability

Unlike many other networks, Indiebill has made their site very easy and simple to use so even the most inexperienced seller could sign up and have their profile set up within an hour or so.

Once you have created an account it is really easy to upload content, create products/services and set a price, then all you need to do is give your link to your fans and followers and watch the sales come in.

Every time a sale is made you will receive an email notifying you, alternatively you can simply login to your Indiebill account and check your sales dashboard.

Payment Options

Indiebill have been in the adult industry for a few years so they know the prefered payout methods that models and cam girls prefer, however, if the method you want to use is not listed you can reach out to support and ask if they can supply that method.

You will get paid every two weeks, without a single transfer fee, which is something no other networks (that we know of) offers.

How much money you can make via selling your content really depends all on you, you can read here how much cam girls make.

They offer the following payout options

  • Paxum
  • Wire Transfer
  • ePayments

The Negative Side

If we could change one thing about Indiebill it would be the promotional methods that they supply, as it is basically none existent.

It would be nice to be able to get some banners for our hosted sites, some kind of social media auto updates when a sale is made or a product is created.

Also, if you are a studio owner there is currently no option to host multiple girls on one account, therefor you would have to reach out to support and speak to them about the situation.

Final Thoughts For Our Review On Indiebill

All in all we love Indiebill and will probably keep on using it for many years to come, we can only see it getting better over time.

Due to the lack of resources when it comes to promoting services via Indiebill, we have gave this network a score of 7/10 and would recommend it to anyone that is in the adult industry.

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