Make Money Selling Nudes Online

If you have a gorgeous body and do not mind being seen nude by the public, and maybe slightly judged, then there is an incredible way in which you can convert your content into a serious cash generating tool.

Many beautiful cam girls, adult entertainment models and socialites around the world pay their bills and live large comfortably from the money they make selling their nudes.

After all, it is better to be rich with a few flaws than to be poor with moral righteousness, at least for many girls.

With that said, if you decide to give this lucrative business a try and learn how to sell nudes online then the following guide should help you get started.

selling nudes online for money

Invest In the Right Equipment

To be able to sell nudes and make a lot of money, you will first need to invest in the appropriate equipment.

You will need to buy a high quality video camera (most mobile phones will do), camera stand, and lighting kit, which you will use to take nice photos and videos of your hot nude body .

All the equipment needed you can easily find online and should not cost you more than 500 dollars, as long as you shop in the right market place.

Customer like nudes that are done professionally, they prefer to get their moneys worth. However, there are still a lot of guys out there that like to receive amateur nude selfies that have been taken with a mobile phone.

Check out this article to learn more about equipment needed to make money as a cam girl

How Much To Charge Per Nude Photo/Video Or For An Entire Gallery

Once you have created a gallery of enticing and irresistible photos & images, using the above equipment, it is time to make money off your content.

The selling price will vary on the type of nudes that you have created, you could charge a specific price for amateur pictures taken with a cell phone, and then a completely different price for user requested nudes that are taken with more high quality gear.

How much money you make really all depends on how much you consider your content to be worth.

Alternatively, you can charge a single price for the entire gallery.

Besides charging per photo/video or a collective price, you can also offer subscription services. Here, clients will pay a one-time fee or a recurring fee to access all your nude contents. There are many nude subscription sites and social platforms you can use for that. You can start with SquarePeep and premium Snapchat.

While the price you set for your nudes is discretionary, how you price your contents can make or break your selling nudes business.

You underprice them and clients get a low-value perception. You overprice them and they shy away.

The key is to keep the market prices in mind when deciding your prices. You should try not to deviate too much from the norm. Be sure to check out various sites and platforms to see what other models are charging for their nudes.

squarepeep to sell content

Where Can I Sell My Nudes Online?

When it comes to selling content that is adult orientated it is best to go through a network that specialises in this type of material.

There are many networks that offer this service to cam girls, adult models and basically any girl wanted to make a little extra money by offering sexual services.

The one that we use the most is GetIndiebill due to the simplicity and ease of the site, not to mention that they are the only ones in the industry that take the less amount of revenue per sale.

You could always do this step yourself, and get the customers to pay via an app such as PayPal or Circlepay, however, companies like that do not allow the sales of adult content which leads to many girls getting their accounts banned.

We always recommend using a middle man such as Indiebill.

Tap into the Power of Social Media To Sell Your Services

Social media is a hotbed of nude business.

Many people on social media are willing to pay good money to enjoy the sexual services that you are offering.

Be sure to market yourself well on all major social media networks. In addition, use social media messaging apps to offer conversations with clients at a personal level, this is a great way to make that extra sale.

Instagram – Probably the social media platform with the largest number of active users daily, it goes without saying that it does not matter what type of work you do in the adult industry, having an instagram account for your fans and followers is a must.

In the bio section, there is a place where you can put your link, this can lead to your nude products or any other service that you are providing.

Snapchat – This is another network that is massive within the adult industry, most, if not all cam girls have a Snapchat account and a premium account. They use this platform to quickly reach out to their fans and have their pictures viewed by everyone at once.

Offering to sell Snapchat nudes is another great way to get customers, and repeat buyers.

KIK Messenger – KIK is a messaging app for mobile phones, and is very well known within the sexting community. It is a great way for you as an adult performer to keep in contact with fans and have private messages with them, making them feel more of a friend than a fan.

You can offer a wide range of KIK services other than just kik nudes, for example you can offer a sexting service or nude trading service, all for a fee of course.

Twitter – Twitter is the number 1 go to platform for adult performers, simply because they are the most lenient network when it comes to posting adult material.

You can put links to your nudes in tweets and in your bio, so when a user visits your page, you have more chance of converting them into customers.

profitable naked content

You should not rely on social media alone if you want to be successful in the business of selling nudes.

Besides Facebook and other similar platforms, you should establish a presence on as many adult sites for selling nudes as possible.

These sites are a goldmine for content sellers like you as they host overwhelming numbers of clients who are looking to pay for the good.

Be sure to check out sites like Chaturbate, SquarePeep, Adult Node, OnlyFans and BentBox, which allow models like you to sell nudes.

onlyfans platform

Host Your Own Website To Sell Naked Content

You will not be very successful by relying on social media and third-party sites alone.

You should also have your own website where you can direct clients from social media and sites for selling nudes.

There are three primary benefits of having your own site for business;

You get to keep all the money your clients have paid for your content, as no one will take a commission.

You are not subject to other websites’ terms and conditions, which can be changed from time to time to your disadvantage.

Good news is that you no longer require a professional to assist with creating a decent website.

This is because there are many incredible tools you can access online for free or a small fee to help you build one from scratch in minutes. According to PCMAG, the best website builders for 2019 are Wix, Duda, Gator, GoDaddy, and Sqarespace. Be sure to check them out.

Final Thoughts

To become successful in the business of selling nudes does not entail much. You only need to follow the steps above and you will start making a killing sooner than you could ever anticipate. Good luck making money with your photos and videos.

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