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Social media is one of the main and most vital tool that a cam girl can have in their arsenal, its a way to communicate with their fans, followers and dedicated viewers. If you are a cam girl or just getting started in becoming a cam girl then you should waste no time in signing up to the main social media platforms.

It is no secret that Snapchat is the largest used social media app amongst the sexting, adult and pornography community, mainly due to the use of ease and how easy it is to send and content to be viewed by all your followers throughout the day.

Normally, models will have two Snapchat accounts, one for the public that anybody can add, on this account the model will post teasers and every day activities, and then they will have a premium account which users have to pay to add, this account will be used for them to post their lewd pictures and videos, and interact with their followers (if they offer that service)

Below we will go into everything you need to know about creating, promoting and selling of your premium Snapchat account.

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What Is A Premium Snapchat Account?

It is basically just how it sounds, a model will create an account that she will sell to viewers and interested customers.

On this account she will normally post and sell nudes, pornography material, videos, clips, basically anything x-rated that would not be posted on a public account.

It would be hard to find a popular cam girl that does not offer a premium Snapchat service, its a great way to make extra income, you do not need much equipment just a phone, internet connection and the snap app, and if you like posting nudes or sexual material then its not going to be that much hard work.

Content Posted On Premium

This all depends on the type of models account that you have access to, but mainly the content posted on these type of accounts are nude content and sexual material.

However, a lot of girls will post snaps during their every day tasks so you can view what they are up to during the day. This gives the customer a more personal experience with the model.

Many girls will offer interaction for customers that purchase a premium account from them, they often reply to direct messages, accept pictures and videos and general chit chat. This is great for both parties, especially the model as they can make the customers feel special and persuade them to spend more.

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How Much Shall I Charge For My Premium Snapchat?

Most cam models offer two different types of methods for obtaining their premium username.

Lifetime Subscription – This is a one time payment, the user will pay around 50$ (or how much the model decides to sell it for) and they will have access to the account for as long as it is active.

Monthly Subscription – This is a cheaper option to go for the customers, however, they will only have access to the Snapchat account for 1 month, after the month is over they will have to renew their subsciption or purchase lifetime to carry on viewing the stories.

How To Sell Your Premium Username

Adult networks have made it very easy for a model to sell their Snapchat accounts without having to do much work themselves.

Simply sign up to a network that allows you to sell adult content (We use Indiebill) send in the required documents such as ID etc, to prove you are of legal age, set up a price for how much you are wanting to sell your service for.

You will be given a link that directs customers to your unique purchase page, once a user makes a payment they will automatically have access to your premium username.

Where Can I Get More Snapchat Followers and Promote My Account?

This will be down to how much work you want to put in to advertising your account.

The best way to go is to insert your purchase link into every social media you have, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Another good tip is to mention that you have a premium Snapchat in your cam room now and again so viewers know that they can see more of you if they please.

Here are some quick tips to grow your Snapchat followers:

  • Advertise On Username Sharing Sites

A simple search on google you will find plenty of websites and forums in which you can sign up to and advertise your username. This is a great way to get a lot of followers to your public account in which you can eventually advertise your premium account on.

  • Takeovers

A Snapchat takeover is where the model will sign on someone elses account, normally another model, and they will post throughout the day. This is great as you can post your snapcode and direct the followers to add you on your account.

The way to be able to do a Snapchat takeover is either by asking someone or by purchasing a takeover, this can be extremely affecting in growing your account so you should do it often via other accounts that you have yet to have taken over.

  • Shoutouts

Kind of like a takeover, a shoutout is where someone with a large account will post your snapcode or username telling their followers to go ahead and follow you, but again, this is normally a paid service that big snapchat owners offer.

  • Be Consistent

Being consistent will not only get your more premium sales, but it will also help you grow your follower count.

Over time you will realise people are adding you from word-of-mouth, people telling their friends about your account and suggesting them to follow you, this is why being consistent is very important to keeping a high quality account that users love to view.

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Make More Money From Snapchat

Other than selling a premium version of your Snapchat, sometimes users just want to see a single nude picture or short video, rather than trying to sell them a monthly subscription, you can see pictures and videos separately for a lower price.

You can also sell products, or even show products that you wan to use in your next cam show, enough hinting and persuading could make a loyal fan buy the products for you.

If a Snapchat account is big enough, you can sell shoutouts to other models, but this is not recommended as you are technically giving away your followers to your competition.

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